Secondhand #LEGO Jackpot!

Sometimes the joy of our hobby comes from the minute work of sorting and organizing. This week has been a great example. We picked up a loose lot of used bricks, not sure what we had. Once we sat down and started the process of examining individual pieces, we realized we had a highly sought after set. The Imperial Star Destroyer set #10030 is currently valued somewhere between $1,000 & $1,400!

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Calling All SWFL AFOLs!

We're organizing a local Meet Up for Southwest Floridians from Sarasota to Naples. If we see high enough turn out, we hope to make the group an Official LEGO Users Group (LUG) and participate in LEGO conventions.

Join in now and help determine the schedule, our acronym, a logo, and maybe more.

You can sign up for a free account and join us on our MeetUp Group Page. You can also stop by our Facebook page.

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