I Won The #LEGO Black Card VIP May The 4th White Gold R2-D2!

Holders of the limited edition black LEGO VIP card (acquired with purchase of the Millennium Falcon (75192) set in the fall/winter of 2017) were automatically entered into a drawing in celebration of May the 4th of 2018. The contest was reported on by RebelScum.com, BricksFanz.com, and MinifigPriceGuide.com.

Today, that prize was received and opened. By me!

Again, my thanks to The LEGO Group and Jason Whiting!

No Stormtrooper sightings, but we'll keep and eye out for Jawas.

Come Meet Us at SWFL SpaceCon!

Our Broke4Bricks team will be hosting a children's Lego & Duplo Build Zone at SWFLSpaceCon 2018!

In addition to the activities for the kiddos, we'll have Lego crafts and B4B merch available for purchase.

If you're going to be there, please come say 'Hi!' and build with us! We will be found at B72 & B87 on the floorplan below. (Click the map image to visit the SWFLSpaceCon website's full list of exhibitors)

In the meantime, we will be sharing behind the scenes photos and video of our preparations for the event. Keep an eye on our social media pages for updates and sneak peaks at what we have in store for visitors!

The Last Jedi - BB-8 - 75187

This was a much longer build than I've ever done before. Probably about 3 hours, though my focus was split between the build, taking pictures, and my doggo pouncing on the bags to enjoy the noise they made.

This set was also much pricier than I'm usually willing to spend, but it does have a LOT of parts and is a really fun build. BB-8 may take up residence on our coffee table.


Fortress of #LEGO 'tude Gets An Upgrade

Moving day! Over the weekend, found a larger temporary climate-controlled home for my LEGO and other toys, from 100sqft to 200sqft. Hopefully next move will be to our new home with a proper studio and room to build my city.

Many thanks to my sis and my KFOL crew! For the help, moving over half a million bricks is a massive undertaking!

The collection has expanded to include some other nostalgia and pop-culture items. Glad to finally have the room to house them all.

More Pictures from The Fortress of LEGOtude

Finally got the majority of my LEGO and some other toys that have no room in our temporary house, to the secret storage space, I think I'm officially out of room here as well however,

The #LEGO Bunker: #AFOL Goals

Long weekend, moving complete sets to an undisclosed top secret air conditioned location. I have so much loose brick to sort and only one room in our temporary house that I had to move them. I'm having a little separation anxiety, though. They're only a few miles away and guarded by robots and a moat with sharks with lasers, but I can't help but think someone is plotting their liberation.

Only the best for my LEGO. They were chauffeured in comfort and luxury to their new fortress.

Minecraft, The Iron Golem - 21123

Star Wars, Rey Buildable Figures - 75113

Very quick build, about 10-15 minutes with stopping to take pictures. Had some confusion over the leg pieces. Her ankle/shin/knee pieces are the longest ones. The smaller identical ones are for her arms. The image in the instructions doesn't distinguish between the different sizes well. Pretty happy with the final product.

Pirates of the Caribbean, Queen Anne's Revenge - 4195

Bought a job lot incomplete, ordered parts and assembled, 100% complete with minifigures. Just waiting on a replacement decal sheet to replace some bad ones and a few that were missing.