#LEGO Using AI Tech to Make Instructions Available in Braille and Via Audio


"Lego bricks allow me to see things that are impossible to explore by touch."
-Matthew Shifrin, Entreprenueur

Lego will begin releasing building instructions in braille and via audio for visually impaired collectors. A pilot program using AI technology was launched recently, inspired by blind entrepreneur Matthew Shifrin.

Currently the program offers instructions on building sets from Lego Classic, Lego City and Lego Friends series, as well as “Emmet and Benny’s ‘Build and Fix’ Workshop” from The Lego Movie 2. Depending on consumer feedback, Lego will launch more audio and braille instructions in early 2020.

”This is extremely important for blind children because there aren’t a lot of places where we can say, ‘Look Mom and Dad! I built this on my own—I did this’” says Shifrin.

”For blind children, we don’t have access to what sighted kids are used to. Lego bricks enable us to learn about our environment, to see the world. It is so important because blind kids get left out of a lot of social stuff, especially in elementary school. But Lego building is one of the things we can do.”
— https://www.newsweek.com/lego-braille-instructions-blind-1456574

You can read more details on the program and how Shifrin motivated LEGO to expand their accessibility to the visually impaired in the Newsweek article.

LEGO Star Wars: Rey's Speeder 75099 Marked Down


If you've been holding out for this set to drop in price, now is your chance. The speeder is still $19.99 on LEGO's online shop, but is $11.64 on both Walmart and Amazon's websites. You may be able to also find this item on store shelves, but if not you can choose store pick up or use the Amazon Prime benefits to avoid shipping costs.


It's also listed as $15.99 on Target.com

Brick Tales, A Buildable #LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book

Check this LEGO Ideas project out!

Grant Davis and Jason Allemann of JK Brickworks teamed up to create a fully functional pop-up book that is built entirely out of LEGO bricks. You can help their idea become an an official LEGO product by being one of the 10,000 voters needed on LEGO Ideas.
— http://laughingsquid.com/a-fully-functional-pop-up-book-built-entirely-out-of-lego-bricks/

#LEGO Featured in Art Piece in SXSL Fest

DCist.com has some photos and a brief write up on the LEGO-based art piece on the front lawn of the White House for it's SXSL festival.

An art piece created by artist Nathan Sawaya from his The Park People series is seen during the South by South Lawn. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

After his trip to South by Southwest in the spring, President Barack Obama said that he wanted a spin-off in D.C.

And thus, SXSL was born, with keynote Leonardio DiCaprio chatting with Obama and climate scientist Dr. Katharine Hayhoe before the premiere of his new documentary Before The Flood.

”SXSL is, at its heart, a call to action,” Obama said in a statement. “The folks out on the lawn today are artists, creators, entrepreneurs, and innovators who will share how they’ve used their unique skills to engage their communities in making the change they want to see—whether it’s curing cancer, fighting poverty, empowering women, and so much more.”

There was a lot going on—discussions, musical performances (check out Common’s Tiny Desk Concert inside the White House), interactive exhibits—but my favorite thing to watch was all of the people who decided to pose with parts of The People Park, an art piece from New York-based artist Nathan Sawaya, best known for his use of Legos.
— http://dcist.com/2016/10/photos_lots_of_folks_including_the.php

Time.com has a preview of the new 'Super Hero Girls' #LEGO sets.

New mini-figures include teenage versions of favorite heroes like Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Bumblebee, Poison Ivy, Katana and more. While fans will undoubtedly make up their own stories to go with each character (Supergirl forgets her Spanish homework in the Fortress of Solitude! Harley Quinn goes to prom!) the characters will have their own storylines that explore what it’s like to be a teenage superhero. (We’re guessing it was pretty, well, super.)

The LEGO characters are accompanied by a series of animated shorts, TV specials, online games (find out your superhero BFF!), an app and a theme song provided by Fifth Harmony. Check out the song and more on the DC Super Hero Girls website.
— http://time.com/4516126/dc-comics-super-hero-girls-lego/

The first three sets, Batgirl with Batjet, Harley Quinn, and Super Hero High School, will all be available on Nov. 27. The next wave is expected in January 2017.

#Lego wanted people to stop buying its toys?

A town made from toy bricks on display at Lego’s headquarters in Billund, Denmark. (Freya Ingrid Morales/Bloomberg)

"The Danish company scaled back its advertising efforts amid a 25 percent rise in annual sales, according to Reuters. It simply couldn’t make enough toys to satiate demand in North America, and needed a break while it boosted capacity at its factories and increased its workforce by nearly 25 percent."

Read more at The Washington Post

67 Years of #LEGO Sets In 10 Charts

July 21, 2016 | Joel Carron — Customer Success Analyst at Mode

A blogger with ModeAnalytics.com has used Rebrickable data to visualize 67 years of LEGO set history. The charts are interactive, so I can't embed them here. But they are definitely fascinating! I highly recommend following the link and playing with the data.

Some of the charts show information by piece per set, overall size, color palette, and more!

View all of the information at ModeAnalytics.com!

The new #Ghostbusters #LEGO Ecto-1 Set (75828) Spotted In The Wild Early!

The early word had been this set would be released on July 1st, but I snapped this photo on Jun 27th at a local Walmart. Going to have to grab a couple of these!

Here are some of the promo images LEGO released previously.

President of the Utah LUG is Building Disneyland in #LEGO

After visiting and finding inspiration in his own father's love for the theme park, Craig Bacigalupo decided recreating it with LEGO would be a great project with his children and grandchildren. They've been working on it for three years and it's grown from the train station alone to encompassing 10 x 10 feet of Main Street in LEGO brick.

The Lego Disneyland project will be on display at the Lego fan convention BrickSlopes, which takes place at Utah Valley University on June 24-25. In order to move the replica, the display will be taken apart into large pieces that can be easily reassembled at the location. It takes 22 boxes that are 36 inches long and 12 inches wide to transport the entire display.

The video features images of the project as well as Bacigalupo's enviable storage and work room.

Story and video via DeseretNews.com

LEGO Worlds Adds Online Multiplayer

Have you tried LEGO Worlds yet? Well there's a new reason to check it out.

After a year of block-building in Early Access, LEGO Worlds [official site] is finally adding online multiplayer as part of Update 6. A beta version is now live so you and one pal can partner up/fall out forever in each other’s worlds, making use of the update’s other additions – such as a first-person camera view and grappling hooks – as you see fit.

Check out more details at RockPaperShotgun.com and watch the new trailer which recently debuted at the E3 gaming convention.

The SWFL AFOL MeetUp Is On!

  • Let's get started!

    We've secured a conference room. We'll be providing light snacks and beverages.

    We want to have a conversation about what this group will be about. We have some ideas and we want to hear from you about what you want to accomplish. We also want to get an idea of where everyone's interests lie to make sure the group activities are catering to them.

    So expect this to be an informal meet and greet with the opportunity to shape the future of this group. We've also strategically chosen a location near a ToysRUs so we can take a 'field trip' across the street and check out the newest summer releases.

    Hit this RSVP link ASAP!

Don't Miss GameStop on May 14th

GameStop has special offers for LEGO Dimensions and Star Wars fans.

They are offering $30 off of their regular price on starter packs, making packs for current generation consoles $60 and packs for PS3 and Xbox 360 will be $50. Also check out their 40% off of all level, team, and fun packs.

Star Wars fans will want to check out the exclusives they are offering when you pre-order 'LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens' for the PS4. Not only are there a couple of character packs, including a Jabba's Palace Character Pack GameStop exclusive, but you can also get a LEGO Kylo Ren Command Shuttle mini playset if you pick up your pre-order on Day 1.

Check out the ad scans below for the details.

ToysRUs #StarWarsDay Event

ToysRUs has announced their #StarWarsDay event on May 7th from 12pm - 2pm

"Master your force at Toys"R"Us! Build and take home an exclusive Mini LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon.*

Plus, get a FREE LEGO booklet that includes Star Wars stories and fun facts. You can also take part in the Clue Hunt-get a special poster when you find the hidden clues in our LEGO section!*

Find a store near you: http://www.toysrus.com/shop/?categoryId=4311963 "

More details can be found on the Facebook page for the event.

LEGO Celebrates May the 4th With Freebies

From April 30 to May 4, LEGO retail stores and shop.lego.com are offering:

  • FREE Star Wars: The Force Awakens Poster with a LEGO Star Wars purchase
  • FREE Star Wars: The Force Awakens First Order Stormtrooper minifigure with LEGO Star Wars purchases of $50 or more
  • VIP Double Points on LEGO Star Wars purchases
  • Select LEGO Star Wars items on sale (while supplies last)
  • Free Shipping on all orders

More details are available at DorkSideOfTheForce.com